16 Schools Will Open For Youth Summer Activities Monday July 10th

Now this is old school, that good old school. It’s the best news about Detroit education and city partnerships we’ve had in a long time. Mayor Duggan and Superintendent Vitti just changed the game for our young people.  They will offer fun activities, sports, and 2 meals a day. All focused on keeping our youth safe and off the streets for the summer. This is a success story in and of itself!


Brenda Scott Academy
Hutchinson Elementary-Middle School
JR Kin Academic & Performing Arts
Western International High School
East English Village High School
Cooke Elementary School
Mackenzie Elementary-Middle School
Carver STEM Academy
Henry Ford High School
Gompers Elementary-Middle School
Pasteur Elementary
Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy
Cody High School building
Gardner Elementary School
Carstens Elementary School
Munger Elementary


Parents, please share this information and send the children out to enjoy.


Thank You Mayor Duggan and Superintendent Vitti, our youth deserve services like this.


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