Dear Randi and NAACP, You Don’t Want To Come For Our Choice!

I’ve got a message for Randi Weingarten and Rev. Al Sharpton and others who play politics instead of creating more and better opportunities for Black children.

Racism is a lack of access to good choice!

Charter schools aren’t the issue, racism is!

When you have leaders who only come to the table for high profile issues, then what you have are opportunists. And parents like me don’t have time to follow opportunists, while seeking good choices for our families.

We should have a right to do that wherever. Just like the privileged.

I may not be of the privileged but I am a member of a bad-ass group of parents and leaders who fight for Choice!


I wonder how many of your children go to only public school? I’ll wait, never mind.

Drops Mic!


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