East Detroit Schools Name Changed, Now They’ll Do Better?

If you google “Eastpointe Racism,” the top three posts that show up are scary.

The city, formally known as East Detroit, has been on a mission to disassociate itself from Detroit for decades

And, as of July 1st, the school district that previously carried the burdensome name “Detroit” has officially changed its name to Eastpointe Community Schools.

While this change was not agreed upon by parents, it was deemed as a fresh start for the school.
“There’s going to be this momentum, because the kids will be outside and they’ll be starting to change and shift their messaging”

What message does the name change of a school make if the motives behind those educating and leading doesn’t change? It’s like new wine in old wineskins: the bag will eventually burst and the wine is wasted. All the effort and hope for a fresh start changes if there is no real structure.

What else is changing here? Will curriculum change?
Will the racially-motivated hearts change? Will less students of color be kicked out? And the parents who weren’t even included in the decision: will they have a say now?

It is offensive to think that another city that sits along our borders prefers to be disassociated from us. And for the record, the name Detroit is the least of your problems. The racist tone of your leaders speaks volumes about the real problem.

So, Eastpointe Community Schools, good luck with the change. I can’t wait to see how far that gets you.


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