Is the Left Going To Be As Bad As the Right on Education Reform? Know What Racism Is Before You Make Comparisons!!


I understand the Trump presidency has heightened the levels of disrespect for your fellow man as he inflames and energizes the hate and discontent that has been festering in this county. He has become their outlet, no matter how toxic it is to what we call, “American.” People of color and poverty have been totally disrespected as American citizens in their own country. The nation’s “right” is on fire and not taking any prisoners.

But does that mean the “left” can say and use whatever they want to prove their point? According to the New York Times, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten made some serious comparisons to school choice and this nation’s history of racism. I suppose this is due to NAACP’s National Convention this week and its pending vote to support a moratorium against new charter schools.

I’m a NAACP member/supporter. I cut some of my teeth in politics working with this great organization in Detroit. Actually, I think the Detroit chapter hosted the best round of the national organization’s tour of charter accountability town halls. I’m also a former labor union member and always a supporter. So I don’t think anyone can call me a Trump or supporter of the “right.”

With that said, I take a whole lot of exception as a school choice supporter when someone feels comfortable saying that I support racism. That’s bullsh&t. I agree we need more accountability. I agree there should be better coordination between charter and traditional public schools. Both sides probably agree on 80% of the issues. The other 20% is what is toxic and takes up a lot of space and keeps us from getting things done for our kids.

Half of Detroit kids attend charter schools. So are you calling their parents racist? Most of the students who benefit from school choice are people of color. So why inject racism now? Because this is the week of the national NAACP convention and, obviously, racism and its history are sensitive topics for the members of this great organization and myself.

It seems to me that the anti-Trump folks like Weingarten are jumping on the Trump bandwagon and using the same hate-encouraging tactics that the other side uses.  Where will this lead? The only way to prove your point is to get an auditorium full of folks upset and angry.

What happened to working together to solve problems?  Ms. Weingarten’s comments are twisted. She left out the history of Americans of every creed and color working together to improve our nation. For example: The Civil Rights Movement.

At some point we have to be about more than political tactics. We have to be about solving problems and empowering our nation to more than someone’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.” These tactics of misinformation to sway political thought will not make us great. It will make us a nation of hate. Hell, we are already there!

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