Michigan’s The Bad Mom

It’s no wonder the country sees Detroit as the insubordinate kid who deserves all the punishment Momma (aka Michigan) dishes out.

The downward spiral of Detroit’s education covers a broad spectrum of areas:

—Mismanagement of Emergency Managers
—Educators who have resources, funding and      investments ripped away from them.
—Parents who care but have grown tired.
—Stealing of funds.

None of these things have singlehandedly prompted our current situation but are some of the major causes of our low-performing schools.

Parents are tired of leaving our villages in pursuit of greener pastures. Teachers want to know that they are supported and investments made like smaller classrooms and protected salaries.

For years Detroit, already depleted of educational nutrition, has been stripped over and over again. 

School closures now leave so-called “deserts” in the midst of underserved communities, and families are commuting hours across the city just to get to better schools.

Then there are those school leaders deemed saviors for their schools, but they end up paying for prom dresses and bus passes while padding their own pockets.

Heck, even our neighboring siblings were happy it was our schools closing. They open borders for dollars that follow students who aren’t accepted in some of their seats.

What the rest of the world doesn’t see is how Michigan has acted as the abusive mom.

For years Detroit, already depleted of educational nutrition, has been stripped over and over again.

The city has been left to fend for itself with outdated tools but is expected to meet the same standard as its siblings.

Throwing money at the city only masks deep-rooted years of neglect. Then the state hands down a list of more punishments soon to come.

Does the country understand that Michigan needs just as much reform as her love child?

Last year Detroit went to Mom and showed her that we could unite.

More money was thrown in our faces with no clear plans for accountability, just to ensure that we don’t regress. And, again, everyone told us we should be happy, just be quiet, sit back and go along for the ride.

They didn’t know that Michigan had left us in a smoldering car with no windows rolled down.

Well, Detroit has grown tired and is fighting back by telling the story of how money means nothing without a plan and that those plans of improvement don’t include its most important stakeholders.

They were not listening to families who know what we need. They deem us insignificant and paint a false picture of uneducated miscreants raising wolves.

The same system that failed the parents is failing our children. Charter schools failed too, although some would like us to think they didn’t.

I want the U.S. to see this as a two-way street. Detroit is far from innocent, but Michigan left us far long ago to fend for itself. Now we’re fighting back.

No you cannot just keep closing schools with no clear plan for where our children will go.

Charter Authorities or Public schools, parents need to have a say.

The SRO, no matter where it is housed needs to realize that we need more good schools before you just come in and close more of the few schools we have. Real lives are at risk. Parents don’t want poor performing schools either. We want real accountability to take place for all the schools.


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