New Charter Opens Where Old Charter Closed 33 Days Ago

June 16th was the last day of school for families at STARR Academy in this very same building. Now Distinctive Schools hopes to fill the building with kindergarten to 3rd grade students before the 2017-18 classes begin.


In Chicago EINPresswires latest updates said

“Distinctive Schools has a track record in providing high-quality education that accelerates achievement, performance, and college-preparedness of the students it serves,” said Distinctive Schools President and COO Scott Frauenheim. “We’re enthusiastic to be part of the Detroit-area community and making a positive impact in the lives of our students, families and community. Our staff includes a diverse group of innovative leaders from across Detroit, and Harper Woods, who are ready to take on the challenge of opening our new K-8 school.”


Parent, remember to know before you enroll. Get the facts and ask the questions that matter to you most.




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