Super Parents Don’t Exist, We Are Just Parents!

I am a parent; there are no superheros here, just parents.

I don no magic red cape or golden-threaded lasso but I will amaze you with the power of my voice.

If you listen very clearly I will tell you stories of children who were:

  • First called dumb by a kindergarten teacher.
  • Introduced to insecurity by a second-grade teacher.
  • Used for their athletic ability while teachers ignored his falling GPA.
  • Bullied by teachers and classmates and told that the only thing that truly hurts are sticks and stones.
  • Bussed 45 minutes away from home in search of brighter beginnings that lead to dead ends.

But the reason that this parent finally turned rogue was a teacher losing my second-grader for 15 minutes after school.

She still does not remember where she was, 7 years later.

All these stories belong to my two children.

They’ve had seats in 16 schools and 9 different districts. I used choice as a hyper-shopper and wish these options on no one.

Most parents think of what I do as a gift.

I deem it unfair!

Why? Because it’s unfair that parents have to go out of neighborhoods in search of success that others have right down the block.

That every time I raise my voice I am seen as the one who likes pointing out their issues.

I confess! It is me!

But if you raised these issues in your board rooms I would not have to raise them in your lobby.

I never wanted this job!

But life handed it to me so I decided if I am going to live it so will others.

I educate parents. I raise awareness of issues you know need addressing but only mask them with cute uniforms for the uninformed parents whom you don’t think will become me one day.

But they will, and sooner than you think.

I am a parent, sitting in board rooms with degree-holders who accept me as an equal partner.

We work together for the greater good because even if we don’t always like one another, we need one another.

You can’t change my child’s life for the better without me.

Change is what we need.

Parents, I don no magic wristbands that make these changes happen. Neither am I called from my home by the night’s light signaling me to arise.

I am a parent who sees value in being apparent.

We are needed!
You are a Parent!
No answers needed!
You send your most precious jewels to be schooled.
You have a say in how!
You are a parent.
You have stories, so what are you waiting on to tell them? No fancy, eloquent words or fairy tales: just your stories.

Stories of parents, not superheros, because no knight in shining armor is coming to save us. We must do it ourselves. We must know that we are all we need.

Just Parents.


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