Has the War Between the Traditional and Public Charter Schools Ended in Detroit?

Anyone who follows education reform or the lack of reforms. Knows about the difficult world that is K12 education in Detroit. The charter school community has always been separate from the Detroit Public Schools (DPSCD). If you say DPS and charter schools, its like talking about the Hatfields & McCoys, Michigan vs. Ohio State, USA vs. Russia and who is the better NBA player, Michael Jordan or Lebron James. Never the two shall meet or agree.

But stop the presses. Education leaders who represent Charter schools in Detroit and DPSCD are actually sitting down and talking to each other. Their goal is to see where they can work together in areas that best benefit Detroit students. Hopefully these longtime rivals can come together to address issues such as school/community logistics, enrollment and transportation. There are other issues to figure out, but these would be a good start.

A lot of this comes from the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren’s support and fight to establish a Detroit Education Commission for Detroit schools. This is only the beginning. But one thing is for sure. It would be great if these two forces combined their resources and talent. It could only benefit “all” of Detroit’s children.

Read Erin Einhorn’s Chalkbeat Detroit piece, “A Year After the Tearful Demise of a Proposed Detroit School Oversight Commission, Backers Seek Another Way to Bring Order to Detroit Schools.” http://www.chalkbeat.org/posts/detroit/2017/07/06/a-year-after-the-tearful-demise-of-a-proposed-detroit-school-oversight-commission-backers-seek-another-way-to-bring-order-to-detroit-schools/.

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