Will New ESSA Plans Help Create Generation “Easy”?

As education experts and parents take a look at our state’s ESSA plan that was submitted to the U.S. Dept. of Education this year, I decided to take a different route. ESSA doesn’t directly affect me. It affects my daughter and her high school curriculum.

ESSA is the Every Student Succeeds Act. It is the federal law that is replacing the No Child Left Behind Act. Which is interesting. Because it left a lot of children behind. That is another blog for another time.

My daughter just completed her high school freshman year at Henry Ford Academy in Dearborn. She is an honor roll student with a 3.73 GPA. So she can read and understand things that affect her. I got her to read some of the ESSA work I have been reading to see what she thought.

I will assume kids look at anything that directs their education focus as challenging. So, I was surprised to hear my daughter say, “This does nothing to me.” And, “It is not going to challenge me.” She then exits stage left with a smile. Because she feels the next three years will be easier now.

But do we want it to be easier or more challenging for our students in kindergarten through 12th grade?

To be honest, I wanted easy classes in high school. But the classes that pushed me like Mr. Rizzo’s Senior Honors English class at Detroit Murray-Wright High School are the experiences that benefit me to this day.

American kids are competing against the world. They are being challenged. We have to challenge our children so they can compete for their place in this world. We can’t make it to easy for them. We’ve had the Pepsi Generation, Generation Next and the Millennial Generation. With plans like this, we are creating Generation Easy. How will this make America great?

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