Blacks and Whites See Race Differently. I’m Sure This Has An Affect on Education. You Think?

Is it me or has race and education become more divisive than ever before? I feel these two issues are closely related. Education is not a cure for racism. But it sets the playing field for people to communicate and solve problems with each other. It helps us understand what our true role in this world is all about. As we learn English and Math, we learn how to learn from each other. We learn how to live together.

Today, we are learning how to hurt and kill each other.

And our children are watching this unfold before their very eyes on TV and social media. As schools across the country begin a new school year how will educators answer a child’s question: Who is right, Mr. Smith? Is what my parents told me about race, right or wrong? And is what we are teaching our kids enough for them to figure it out. Right now, our adults display a lot of confusion. Why should we expect our kids not to be confused as well?

Most school districts of color are poor and under performing. Is that a conspiracy? It is certainly a crime. It is not a coincidence that as our education system suffers, racism has increased in the United States of America. We have to do better. Our children depend on it. Our nation depends on it.

Read the following story/survey from Ryan Struyk of CNN:

The survey shows how Black and White Americans feel about racism today in our country. Let us know what you think @DetroitSchlTalk on Twitter or on our FB page at Detroit School Talk. #Charlottesville #Racism #Education #AllKidsMatter



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