Dr. Vitti, Students In Detroit Don’t Make Excuses About Poverty


Dr. Vitti, you were doing well, but this comment is not helpful. Poverty and its associated challenges have never been an excuse. Many have made it past those same obstacles. Own the challenge? What does that even mean in relationship to poverty? This is not a way to win parents back or a way to win back children who have been broken by a broken system that systematically fails them. This is not a way to reach out to families with whom you hope to gain trust. These statements should never be said of our families or students or teachers who challenge the norm on a daily basis. DPSCD. These are red flag comments. This should not be a comment associated with such a powerful tag line as #Ownthechallenge

We all know poverty is real because we live it daily. Ask the family who catches buses miles away because the abandoned school down the street has become a constant reminder that poverty is real. Challenges? Ask the students who sat on milk crates because class sizes exceeded the desks and books available to efficiently teach. Ask the teachers how real it is to dedicate hours of their time to families who face these same challenges and do their damnedest to make them see beyond the norm. Mr. Vitti I hope this quote was in error because you were doing well. These are comments that will not motivate success. It puts the blame on those who are victims and adds an obligation for them to find the cure to this madness called education in the D. I am so sure you will lose a few potential parents due to this one. It’s a slap in the face to children who went on to college and took remedial courses after schools did not prepare them. If we are to move forward and repair DPSCD, you must know that families need someone who don’t see them as excuse-makers. You, sir, just dropped the ball. I hope you get it back in the next play. For the sake of the kids, now you Own That Challenge.


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