Michigan Will Be the Key to See Where DeVos Goes With Approving ESSA Plans Across the Nation

You probably wonder why Detroit School Talk is so concerned about Michigan’s ESSA plan. To be honest, we all should be worried. ESSA is the Every Student Succeeds Act plan that every state in the union had to submit to the U.S. Dept. of Education this year. This plan is supposed to direct how our children receive their education and how the state is supposed to improve our state’s education system after living under No Child Left Behind for years.

Less than a quarter of the states have submitted their plans. And Michigan is the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s home state. Local education advocates and politicians have shared their concerns with Michigan’s current plan—me included. We’ve called out such issues as its lack of accountability for identifying low performing schools and how you improve them. Also, the plan lacks special education support, improvement and direction.

Read Education Week Alyson Klein’s article.

It discusses the conversations the DeVos team is having with our state superintendent, Brian Whiston, and if there will be any changes to Michigan’s ESSA plan that was submitted a couple of months ago.

Do you think Michigan’s ESSA plan is important to educating our children? What would you like to see in the plan?

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