When Strangers Come Knocking At Your Door, #SellingDetroit

Knock Knock!
Who’s There?
Urban Who?
Urban Investor who thinks that someone else deserves your home more than you and so you should take my offer and sell!

We all know that Detroit is going through a major transformation, with new apartments, walking communities, and old factories transformed into upscale lofts. They are everywhere.
So why then would someone walk up to Eldrick McIntosh’s home and leave a note on the door asking him to sell it? The home has not been on the market at all since 2009 and the family has no intentions of finding a buyer. The letter spoke of how amazing the neighborhood is and should not be taken advantage of by outside investors who keep grabbing up other perspective properties.

He promised the owner that he would live in the home and take good care of it for years to come.

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.

Mr. McIntosh posted his disbelief on Facebook about the insane offer to give him “well above the fair market value for the home,” as if that would make him pack up his family and just move.
Comments on the post were of even more concern as some shared that he is not the first one to receive such offers. One person was sure that it confirms slow-driving vehicles snapping pictures of homes.

Our neighborhood is being stalked!

Yet pleas by predators who hope to move people out fall on deaf ears.

What concerns me most was the similarity of this situation to those of families who lived by our city’s airport years ago and how polite requests to purchase the homes were the first of many attempts to move people out. The space was needed to expand the airport.

The difference with our community is that within the next ten years our homes will become of historical value. We are a beautiful village just a short distance from downtown’s attractions and most of the homes could stand up to wind, storms and fires. Ours did!

Last year our family was displaced due to a basement fire. You would think It would have deterred buyers from making offers. It didn’t, I had so many cards on my doors from people who tried to get me to “just let the house go back to the city and then you can walk away with some nice money.” My home is my home and I was determined to keep it. I fought to keep my home, even though my insurance adjuster played cat-and-mouse games with me about finishing my claim. Needless to say, I fought. I made reports to the insurance company and contacted an attorney. We moved back in 6 months ago.

You too should do the same, no matter who offers you money for your home: don’t sell! Don’t let the high water bills, insurance rates, and taxes (which were lowered this year) convince you to leave your home. These offers are confirmation that we are living in one of the hottest cities around. To you, Mr. “Please let me buy your property”, posting videos running from people’s homes: this is rude and you, sir, don’t deserve to stay here any more than anyone else. Your photos state “Selling Detroit”; well, not here! By the way, putting your gracious notes in mailboxes is actually against the law.

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Urban Investor.
Urban Investor, take your money and leave us alone!


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