University Jumps In To Support Marygrove College Students. Why Can’t We Do This For K12 Education in Detroit?


Marygrove College on Detroit’s Westside announced this summer that they are cancelling their undergraduate program in January 2018. I hope you all understand that this is major. Inner city and suburban folks from our community will no longer be able to get an undergraduate degree from an inner city university. Sounds familiar?

As of today, Spring Arbor College is stepping in to fill the gap. I’m sure other universities may be needed as well. Marygrove announced their reason for the cuts is because of low enrollment and other financial issues. I’m sure the low enrollment makes any other financial issues worst. This is similar to the problems that plague Detroit schools (traditional public and charter schools). Low enrollment has caused a lot of schools to be closed over the last few years.

Maybe the local colleges and universities can pull their resources together to absorb Marygrove’s undergraduate students. While doing that, they could develop a plan to support and empower Detroit’s K12 community to keep Detroit kids in Detroit. Detroit’s universities coming together would send a strong message across the city, state and the United States that our higher education community is united to improve education across the city of Detroit. This would keep their parents in the city as well. Doing that keeps your tax base and spending dollars in the city. Creating a stronger relationship between our Detroit colleges and universities, we are making it easier for Detroit kids to decide to attend local colleges/universities.

Read Mlive’s Andrew Surma article on Spring Arbor University stepping up to help Marygrove:

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