Media, Stop Using Detroit When Bad Things Happen

Detroit is Detroit!

Not Metro Detroit, Suburban Detroit, Detroit Area or any other label you want to use to deflect bad issues onto Detroit.

When bad people do bad things tell where It happened. This happened in FARMINGTON HILLS  not DETROIT  

Every time a bad situation happens in a adjacent  suburban community Detroit gets stuck with your nasty little stigmas. Well we don’t want them and don’t need them. Own your own mess.

You don’t share with us your victories. We don’t read headlines that gives Detroit recognition for your successes. When you cross our borders the signs read Welcome to Detroit not Welcome to the up and coming Farmington Hills.

Most of the time these cities who push on us their horror stories don’t even want to be equated with DETROIT.

So please, stop using our cities name when you don’t want to own the mess. We have enough of our own to clean up.

We Detroit! You are, say it with me Farmington, Dearborn, Warren, Grosse.., Royal…….. and any other city!


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