Burning Education at Cooley High School: Accident or Not?

Was the burning of Detroit’s Legendary Cooley High School criminal arson or was it an accident?

Abandoned school buildings are everywhere in our city, making it easy for thieves to create more blight in our communities. Offers were made to turn the building into a much-needed community center but the proposal was denied.

The decision to close Cooley High School devastated families. There were no nearby high schools for students to attend, transportation was an issue, and rival schools were the only option for many. Some parents chose to leave the city due to such closures.

Although the building was said to have been in good shape and known for its historical and architectural value, it still sat empty. Cooley High School went up in flames Friday night and took hours to extinguish.

Fire fighters say they suspect arson. Two days later several people were ticketed for breaking into the Ford Body building; their intent was to literally play with fire.

What should be done to address all the empty schools and commercial buildings? Why deny someone from purchasing the property if they are using it to uplift our communities?

Steve Neavling will have an open discussion today on 910am at 11:30 to hear from callers their thoughts about what happened.

Join in the conversation about Education Burning in Detroit and why the building didn’t have to be empty in the first place.


Photo By Eric Hergenreder


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