Communication About Race Is Important in Business. Just Like in Education.

When you speak to some of the nation’s top CEOs of color, they will tell you some interesting stories. It doesn’t matter if it is in the business, education, military or the political world. People who are different from each other tend not to know how to talk to each other. People have a bad habit of talking at each other. It is very important to understand the person you work with. To respect their views and their history.

You can’t be dismissive of someone’s feelings and views because they are not like you. It wouldn’t feel good if someone treated you that way. You must earn each others respect. When you work with someone or a group of people, you are developing a relationship. Which takes trust.

The same goes in the education world. It is great when educators communicate with their students. This creates a community of trust and respect between the teacher and the student. This is nothing but an upside!

Check out examples from the corporate world in Ellen McGirt’s Fortune article, “Why Race and Culture Matter in the C Suite.” It shares the stories of CEOs of color and how they grew to understand the link between race and communication. Let us know what you think about the importance of communication when dealing with race and education at @DetroitSchlTalk @FortuneMagazine



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