Detroit’s First State of the Schools Address. What Should You Look For? Sign Up!

On October 25th, 482 Forward will host Detroit’s first State of the Schools Address on Oct 25th at Gesu Catholic Church from 6PM to 8PM. This significant for two reasons: 1) Traditional public and charter schools don’t operate together. 2) They have been at war with each other and have been used in political fights for years.

This is a chance for both education entities in Detroit to put their cards on the table. Both have struggles. One is performing only a little better than the other. But the barometer is the parents. They decide where their child is going to attend school. And this event will be attended by a lot of Detroit parents. It will be interesting to see if everyone’s presentations give an exact picture of where their schools are and where the schools are not as far as performance, infrastructure and attendance. Check out the following Chalkbeat Detroit article, “Detroit’s First State of the Schools Address Aims to Bring All the Parties to the Table.” by Erin Einhorn. There is a link in the article you can click to RSVP for this event.

As the title says, it is an opportunity to bring Detroit’s education leaders together. Maybe they will discover they are talking about the same thing, about the same kids. And that will be powerful for all of us in the audience to see and understand. This is not just about promoting charter and traditional public schools. It’s about where do parents want their kids to get a good education. Stranger things have happened. @DPSCD @MICharters @CMUCharters @GVSUCSO @482Forward @chalkbeatDET


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