Gun Education Helps Keep Kids Safe

Every year we hear stories of a child who found a gun while playing. The What does gun safety really mean?

Michigan currently has a proposal in Lansing that would take the Concealed Pistol License legislation (CPL) off the law books. This law would eliminate the need to have a license to carry a concealed a weapon. More people will die if this happens. More children will find loaded guns and test them out on friends who think they are toys or unloaded.

The problem here is that the Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) classes taken are the most important factor. You see, guns don’t kill people; people with intent to kill or people who have no knowledge of proper gun use and storage kill people.

Last month an unlicensed home childcare provider allowed at least three toddlers in a room with a loaded gun. Two were injured and the one toddler, the shooter, has certainly been traumatized for life.

This past weekend another young child was exposed to a gun carelessly left in a bathroom stall. This should not be!


Gun safety is key here! It’s not just the gun in the house: it’s the owner’s knowledge of how to keep the gun away from children!

Now, some may ask, “what do guns have to do with education? You can only learn safety from firearm instructors, not from myths that we’ve heard family say like:

As long as it’s in your home it’s legal.
As long as you fear for your life you have the right to possess a gun.
If a person is looking in your window, you can shoot.
If a person is in your car and you are in the house you can shoot.
Oh, and that old one, if they run outside, still shoot them and drag them in the house.

Ignorance about gun safety can lead to the next fatality, like your teenager who decides to show his friend your gun. It can be a split-second decision for his friend to take the gun to impress someone else and mistakenly shoot them. Did you know that a simple gun lock can save you from serving time in jail or, better yet, save a mother from planning a funeral?

Did you know that you can’t leave your gun loaded and tell your teen to use it to protect themselves in the event a burglar enters the home?

I’m learning, and so should you. We should be afraid of guns but we can’t afford to be uneducated about them.

Nneka Lawrence’s (disclaimer: she is my best friend) classes on gun safety are in high demand. She caters her classes to suit her clients, teaching CCW classes so that you will obtain a CPL. Ms. Lawrence hosts advanced classes that helps participants go beyond just being a gun owner.

She teaches gun safety and her classes never end without someone shedding tears. She speaks to the heart of those who think they are just about to take her class and purchase a gun tomorrow. She shows each participant how to save lives. Yep! Her scenarios are filled with what ifs; the biggest one is ” what if this gun gets into the hands of the wrong person?

I hope our local and national legislators take into consideration the need for gun education. Knowing soon their will be another child in a room or bathroom stall with an unlocked gun should be enough to make CPL courses mandatory for all who purchase a gun.





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