The White House has Michigan Enemies In High Places

As if Michigan has not suffered enough under the leadership of those who seem to despise public education, our country may just follow suit. Education Secretary Betsy Devos, the Public Educations nemesis, has another Michigan partner joining her in Washington.

What will become of our public schools in this country? With Devos’ recent additions to her team in the White House, former Governor John Engler and former State Representative Tim Kelly (pictured above),  it’s some kind of Education Apocalypse. This is not education reform, this is terrible.

Kelly has admitted to having blood on his hands. The same blood that perpetuated some of Detroit Public Schools downward spiral. Yet he spoke against helping to restore dollars to DPS to make sure it regained the self-sufficiency needed to educate students.

Kelly wants a radical change that no one is ready for.



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