Teach For America Has Some Great Alumni, Why Are You Mad?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Gary Rubinstein, you sound like the pissed-off big brother who failed at academics and gets mad every time lil’ sis brings home all A’s

What’s the shame in being proud that you were a TFA (Teach For America) corps member and how it leads you to help students achieve successful outcomes?

Why should we not tell stories of growth and closing the achievement gaps because others don’t have the same story?

Both TFA and traditional public school teachers have had success and failures.

Gary, did you know that public schools have been failing long before charters came along? Did you know that long before TFA came along teachers and school leaders had poor outcomes? Did you know that in some states education sucks on both sides of the fence?

Elizabeth Jamison-Dunn had a great experience as a TFA teacher, one that her students are benefiting from. Why kill a sista’s vibe?

She is not the only success story, Detroit has plenty of TFA teachers who remained in education and plenty who help improve educational outcomes for both public and charter school kids..

Kristina Campa-Gruca Director of Partnerships for EdFuel, where she helps build bridges between charter and traditional public school leaders and their staff. By doing so, both student success and teacher retention rates increase.

Matt Magnan of ANet, the Achievement Network, who coaches educators to effectively educate and reach Common Core goals.

Miguel Davis of MacroConnect, who is building a student, community and schools partnership through entrepreneurship that sets a new bar for student success.

This list could go on and on but try checking out these other TFA success stories.

Gary, it’s sad that your journey as a TFA teacher didn’t leave you feeling fully nurtured and capable of the same success as others. Maybe you could join some of TFA’s leadership trainings and then you wouldn’t be so disgruntled about your TFA path. Now quit being a bully to your siblings and apologize!


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