Chalkbeat Detroit Talks About 3rd Grade Reading, Detroit’s School Plan and Healthcare

Chalkbeat Detroit’s Erin Einhorn covers several important topics about education in Detroit this week. The Detroit Public School District’s new strategic plan will tackle serious issues such as 3rd Grade Reading, that 12 more are schools being added to the state of Michigan’s education partnership program and addressing healthcare issues with Detroit students. And how will the Detroit Public School District measure their progress.

Also, Chalkbeat help moderate a great conversation on Detroit’s future in K12 education at 482 Forward’s State of the Schools Address event that combined Detroit charter school representatives and DPSCD’s Superintendent, Dr. Vitti. It was a discussion on how the two different entities could work together improve education for “all” Detroit’s children.

At last week’s State of the Schools Address event, Dr. Vitti shared that his team is vigorously working to improve these issues and more. Read Chalkbeat Detroit’s article: How Many Kids Can Read By Third Grade? How Many Schools Offer Health Services? This is How the Detroit Schools Plan to Measure Their Success.

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