Detroit Public Schools Unveils New Strategic Plan. Will It Take More Than 3 Years?

The Detroit Public School Community District’s superintendent, Dr. Nikolai Vitti unveiled the district’s 3 year plan last month. It is clear Dr. Vitti is focused on including and empowering parents, servicing students and including the community as partners in Detroit’s education revamp.

I had the privilege to be a part of today’s launching of DPSCD’s Parent Academy initiative. It was held at Michigan State University’s Detroit Center. The three main objectives include improving student achievement, parenting & advocacy and personal & individual growth. All are important. Obviously, we want students to achieve more in the classroom. As a former lobbyist and advocacy trainer, I love to focus on parent engagement and helping them to utilize their voice. No one can tell Detroit’s story better than its parents and children.

Finally, the growth piece of it affects parents as well as students. Helping parents become aware of opportunities and resources will truly empower them. Providing parents with access to improve their situation with a job, a better education or access to healthcare can make all the difference in the world to empower a parent and improve the life of the children in their home.

Check out Dr. Vitti’s 3 year strategic plan.  Let us know what you think at Detroit School Talk. @Detroitk12 @Dr_Vitti @Edu_post @MSU_DetCenter @GDAHC



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