We Don’t Need More Guns in Our Community. What Will It Take?

It is amazing to me that after Sunday’s church shooting that killed more than two dozen people, some Michigan legislators want to pass legislation that puts more guns in churches.

In Michigan, Republican leaders are sponsoring a three-bill package (SB 584-586) that would allow licensed gun carriers to take their weapons into churches, schools, bars, athletic stadiums and other venues that are considered “gun-free zones.” Hundreds of parents from around the state of Michigan traveled to Michigan’s State Capitol to show their opposition to this legislation. Parents, grandparents, educators, police officers and healthcare professionals attended legislative committees and met with legislators to let them know why they don’t support these bills. The MI Senate passed these bills yesterday. The MI House votes on them today. It is expected to pass out of the State House today and go to Governor Snyder’s desk for a signature.

I want people to understand that I am a man who has owned a weapon. I’m a Marine and a former Detroit Police Reserve Officer. I support safe and competent gun ownership. And believe me, I don’t own or “have” a lot of guns.  One is enough to protect your home. A couple is enough to go hunting. I say, “have” because you can have a gun and not be a legal owner. It is already too easy for anybody to get a gun.

Mass shootings are becoming everyday events in our country. Think about that. Mass shootings! As someone who has carried an assault rifle, I can’t understand why someone needs to own several of them. On top of that, they allow people with mental issues to own these same weapons.

When will enough be enough? Will it take a drunken person with a gun to get mad with someone at a bar and start shooting? Will it take someone at a hockey game to decide they didn’t like the score and start shooting? Or will it take another Sunday morning service to be shot up while attendees are praying for peace on earth?

As a teenager over thirty years ago, I was part of the generation that was first exposed to shootings in schools.. As gun laws are more relaxed, the shootings have only increased. What will it take?

My daughter is in high school. I don’t want her to observe or hear that other parents are walking around with guns in the school. Can you imagine an armed parent in the school dealing with a difficult parent-teacher conference? That parent may already be unstable and pull out a gun and start shooting. Then the teacher right across from that parent pulls out his gun and starts shooting across the same table.

By the way, neither this parent nor teacher would have the same months/years of training as a police officer to deal with this situation. Best case scenario: Either person would have an extra eight hours of training added to the few hours of training they received to get their license. And our kids would be in the middle of this madness.

Other nations with fewer guns have less gun-related crime. Period! What will it take? Let us know what you think about guns in your child’s school.  @DetroitSchlTalk @Edu_post @NRA #MiLeg @onetoughnerd  @MASSP #mieducation #NRA_NUSA



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