Don’t Make Us Choose Sides, Parents Just Want Good Schools Not A War

Take all kids out of charter schools. Close them down and require those students to attend their closest public school, no matter how far the distance, how full the classrooms and how low-performing. Hop on a bus more than 25 minutes to attend the closest highschool near you and sit at the back of the class on the floor. Children with special needs should wait for the district to place them in an appropriate school, all while driving past two public schools that offer the services they need to excel. After all, public schools were perfect before charter schools came along and in order for them to be perfect again we need everyone on board.

Don’t talk bad about public schools. Don’t draw attention to the fact that we are still figuring out how to improve public schools and need your help. The city of Detroit must unite, be of one mind, and let all charter school leaders know that we are only supporting traditional public schools. They’ve got to take our children, their teachers suffer most, their leadership was stripped and that was the downward spiral of all its woes.

Return now; don’t be an enemy. Stop sending your children to our enemies. A good resident would join in this fight and be pro-traditional education. Pro-choice was the problem!

Guilting parents into bringing their children back to traditional schools won’t work. One-sided documentaries and public debates about how the increased popularity of charter schools were the only reason attendance declined at public schools won’t work. The whole war against charter schools won’t work. Parents have said it: they would love to have great traditional schools but to put their children through experiments while DPSCD figures it out won’t work. Even Detroit Public School Community District Superintendent Dr. Vitti admits that it will take time to rebuild the district. But some parents aren’t open to their children’s being present while we figure it out. Guilting them into it won’t change their minds either.

“She, along with Arlyssa Heard, made it clear that Parents Don’t Care About Your War! We just want good schools that will educate all children equally.”


Now politicians are jumping on the bandwagon. It’s election year and everyone has something to say about charter schools. Most of the conversations rarely speak of good charter school experiences. We have state reps in Farmington Hills using Detroit’s fight as part of propaganda to get re-elected. Where were you when the fight happened a few years ago? One of your very own traditional school teachers asked you to not make it a war. She, along with Arlyssa Heard, made it clear that Parents Don’t Care About Your War! We just want good schools that will educate all children equally.

Can we have that conversation? Can we discuss how we get to apples to apples comparisons?

The same said State Rep mad a comment that “well, every city can’t look like Farmington Hills.”
Our point exactly: our city shouldn’t have to look like yours before our kids get the same quality education as yours. Stop playing political Russian Roulette with children’s liv

Yeah, I fight for quality public schools and fought for us to not lose more of them. However, if you strip parents of choice you then prove that you are not committed to providing children with what they need.

Stop telling one-sided stories and, instead, tell the truth about how both sides cherry-pick students. Tell how both push or counsel out parents. Public schools just suspend them indefinitely until parents leave to find CHARTER schools.

Tell how teaching to the test has affected both charter and public school teachers’ ability to make sure student academic growth is more robust. Tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Parents know that these are our children’s lives and both sides could do better.
So now can we end the war and move forward with educating all of our babies?
I am begging you, please!

Disclaimer: I am an advocate for both sides but when you force parents to choose you may lose! I don’t have time to sacrifice my child’s education while you figure out your teacher shortages, what parents want (we’ve said it a million times), or if what you are putting in place will help my child be academically prepared by 12th grade. I am not a perfect parent rather charter or public school. My child is late often and I don’t attend every meeting. But I still won’t be guilted into your war. Now can we all work towards better Traditional Public and Charter Schools?


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