Dying For Justice

Erica Garner,
This beautiful soul has made her transition. After finding the courage to speak out against racism and the violent nature our country approaches us a black people. She is finally able to rest from her fight against some who will cast down more not-guilty verdicts to people who more than likely celebrate her death.
I am sure they will hang their heads thinking “what a waste.” See, they think of her fight as one unjustified. They deem her cries for justice driven by foolishness. In their minds her predecessor should have just complied.
Like the malice felt when racists mention names like Malice Green or how bland their faces are when they hear our cries for Sandra’s truth to be told.

Truth be told, they never made laws to defend us from crimes.

Especially not crimes from those with K’s on their chests, oops, I mean badges.

Rest well my sister, rest knowing that we know they are guilty of your death too.

Your death certificate should read: “Cause of death: Died of a broken heart inflicted by the laws placed by this country’s forefathers.

They’ve got blood on their hands.

But no court will convict itself of crimes that would make them own up to millions of other lives they should face charges for.

To protect and serve death sentences is what their enforcers’ oaths should be. They sure don’t protect and serve you and me.

Rest from this fight now, my sister, we still will fight here on earth. But rest  knowing that every one of those who love to hate us,  who judge us wrong will meet their maker as well.


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