Afraid To Go To School

I’ve never been so concerned about dropping my daughter off at school as I am today. The biggest concern is that she too has thoughts in the back of her head about what could happen.

  • She wonders what it will be like if a door slams too loud.
  • Should she tell if a student seems weird or off today?
  • If she hears a fire drill, should she be afraid to go outside?
  • What would be the best plan for action if she needed to get out of the building?
  • She’s concerned about her friends and what their exit strategies are.
  • That’s our first plan, to just get out


We talked about teachers hiding students in closets and snapchat posts that could be warning signs. We’ve talked about how the risk of jumping out of windows is better than staying in the building. We talked about how all schools should have roll down ladders attacked to each classroom. In the event they need to get out of upper floors.

My daughter texts me often from school and I used to ignore it.


She’s been part of the Friends for Rachel’s Club and has taken self-defense classes. She decided to become a peer mediator to help when youth are bullied, she knows how it feels. But nothing can prepare anyone for the feeling a child gets their first day back to school after a mass shooting like in Florida and the other 50+ attacks that have occurred this school year.

Beth Hawkins explained it best here. Her son’s call home to say there was an issue on campus froze her very existence. No, this can’t be our new norm.

A country traumatized!

This can’t be what we’re accustomed to. Parents frantically answering every call from their child’s school.

A text mid-day from your child is opened in fear. God forbid we miss the call and there is no response.

My daughter texts me often from school and I used to ignore it.

How do we push past it? We don’t. We have to talk about it. Do something about it. Change laws but,most importantly, change hearts.

I fear for our youth. They go through so much and don’t know how to address any suspicious behavior.
Something has to change.

I took my daughter to school today.
I prayed with her as usual
Left my ringer on loud just in case she needs to talk. It’s okay if it disturbs a presentation today. I just need to hear if she calls.
I will check my messages often and pray on the way to get her that she had a good day and was able to focus on class work.

Seeing her face walk out the door made me relax until tomorrow.


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