Black Mothers, Guilty As Charged


I stand accused yet guilty
Knowing very well the charges placed before me.
No plea for mercy from the court, or throwing myself at its feet.
I stand!
Ready to face these charges that will run consecutively.
Wrists clenched together, prepared to be cuffed until I am found guilty.
Guilty of all charges!
I admit it is I whose hands were placed on the lives young black males
I who showed no mercy to the vices that held them back.
I who was determined to hold them in my prayers and mind and refused to deny them refuge.
Mothering those who were not of my womb and building them to be men.
Despite lack of knowing all they’ve endured, helping them blaze trails driven by the passions in their own hearts.
They are now their brothers’ keepers.

Guilty of the wisdom handed down to me, now poured into the hearts of young girls deemed “Lost Causes”.
Transforming girls forced to be women at youth into sisters who stand for something so they fall no more.
Now gentle on themselves,
Embracing the grace that lies within their eyes,
Closing thighs, They acknowledge their worth.
They now rise, head high, shoulders back and dreams pursued in full.

They sing their sisters’ songs!

See, this charge was placed on me at birth far before I knew my worth.

I am still learning it as I go

Dedicated to remain guilty, I charge forward
Guns in hand

Willing to dig graves for all obstacles that hinder black boys and girls,
I’m a true ride to die

So bang the gavel, I will take life,
For lives is what I live for.
Give me souls or I die!
Give me the heart of the youth or eye die (My Vision).
Give me the answers to my charge,
No witnesses needed.
I plead guilty!

I seek victims to become victors so that one day they too will stand accused.
Willing to accept the charges place before them,
Tears on their hands
Evidence left at crime scenes of the lives they will transform.

Give me my sentence and wait no longer
I’m willing to serve the full term.
For I do this on Purpose!


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