Black Panther…..Superheroes, Educators and Mentors

I could not have said it any better than the way Kenya Bradshaw entitled her blog, “Black Panther Proves That Our Kids Need More Black Superheroes, Both on the Screen and in the Classroom.” Kenya is the Vice President of Community Engagement for TNTP in Memphis, Tennessee.

As we reflect during Black History Month and the importance of empowering Black folks in education leadership, I can’t but think of these leaders as superheroes. They have to excel for themselves. But they carry the added burden of representing their own community and empowering other people to join the fight.

They may have to fly through dwindling school budgets or leap above over sized classrooms. These educators continue the fight improve education in urban communities. Our kids need superheroes to put on their capes everyday. The battle is just that difficult. It doesn’t matter if they are educators, police officers, firefighters, politicians,etc. Please read Kenya’s blog. It says we need real life, all day, cape wearing mentors and educators to support our kids.

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