Detroit In Africa, Dannah Inspires Us All

You may remember the name Dannah Wilson?

If not, you may want to keep her name in your mental rolodex for future reference. Dannah spoke  wrote a letter about Betsy Devos that went viral.

She has been an inspiration for so many people hear in Detroit. Most of us adults who advocate for education wish we had an ounce of tenacity that she has as a highschool grad. Dannah chose not to go to take a year and travel after she received her diploma.

Maybe I shouldn’t say travel, she chose to take a year to change the world. Changing the world is just what she is doing in Kenya right now.


“Week 2 & 3 in Kenya 🇰🇪
Finished Floor at Sasenyi
Built desks at Itinyi Primary School
Visited the Masai Tribe
Said good byes to Camp Tvaso
Arrived at Camp Mukaka
Diani Beach
Starting building a home
Culture Day: cooked chapatis, coconut rice, and Palm wine tasting”

We wanted to share a little of her journey which is sure to put a smile on your face. Check her out on Facebook to see where her journey takes her. We are so proud to know her and watch her Black Girl Magic.


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