I Believe We Should Put More Pencils in the Classroom. Not Pistols.

Once again, I’ve had to spend a lot of time explaining our nation’s mass shooting epidemic to my 19 and 15 year-old children. I worry about their college campus being shot up. And after the Parkland shooting in Florida, my 15-year-old daughter is worried that nothing is being done to make her generation’s classrooms safer.


President Trump has suggested that our nation’s teachers should be armed in the classroom. I’m against guns being in the classroom. It does not get to the root of the problem of many of the causes of these shootings: 1) lack of mental health access, 2) weapons accountability/registration and 3) proper school security to start.


The cost to train teachers to carry weapons and “properly” protect kids during mass shooter situations would cost millions, maybe billions of dollars. Instead of turning teachers into cops, why can’t we spend this money on strengthening the teacher in the classroom? Can we spend more money on improving mental health resources for kids in need? Spending these dollars to improve our education and health systems may prevent some of these mass shootings by identifying and helping people who are a danger to the public or to them.


In Detroit, a group of pastors gave a press conference to push back against President Trump’s suggestion to arm teachers. The press conference was led by a pastor who is a Detroit school principal.


As a pastor, he doesn’t want to see people praying in church with pistols. As a principal, he doesn’t want teachers who have devoted their life to educating our children to now become police officers in school’s classrooms and hallways.


How do you think our students feel? I’m proud of the activism I’ve seen from today’s kids on gun control. They are organizing and advocating for their future. Their motivation does not come from Democratic or Republican values. It is their hope to create a safer environment for all American youth to learn and thrive in a safe classroom.


Let’s give our teachers more of what they need to educate our children to be the responsible adults we need them to be. Obviously, my adult generation is not up to it. Let’s give them more pencils, books, laptops and pay raises. We don’t need any pistols in our kids’ classrooms.

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