Dear Black Girls, Inspires Girls Of Color To Take Action

Last Month I posted this poem about how Black Girls Already Have Everything They Need Inside.  This month a group of beautiful black girls have been inspired by it to launch Journals4Justice. I am so honored to have inspired them. I’d also like to add that this is proof of just how needed our stories are. In shining we give others the opportunity to shine bright, if not brighter than we ever could. I look forward to following and walking alongside them during their journey.



Be bold, brilliant, brave, boundless, beautiful & balanced.

Live limitless, love Long, learn lessons & laugh loud.

Accept absolution, adore , admire, admonish and always assert authenticity.

Cultivate, care continuously, create creators, courageously count costs.

Kindle kindness & keen knowledge.


Generate greatness, genuine & glorious grace.

Internally ignite intelligence initiated instinctively.

Reinvent, rejuvenate, rejoice, remember & rise resilient.

Lead loyally.

Share stories, style, substance, support & strengthen sisters.

Dear Black Girls, you’ve already got what it takes and no one can take this from you


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