As A Marine, I Don’t Support People Having Assault Rifles

I’m a  proud Marine Corps veteran and I’ve been deployed to several continents on our planet. In Boot Camp, I was trained to shoot, clean, eat, sleep, and stick with my M-16 A2 Assault Rifle, no matter what. My rifle had a name, Gizmo, (ask my wife) and we traveled the world together.


But once I left the Marines, I turned in my weapon and that was it. As a Marine, I never carried it or patrolled in neighborhoods in the United States. My weapon was for the enemy, foreign or domestic, not to shoot at my fellow Americans whom I swore to protect. And, especially, not at the young children who attend today’s schools.


The weapon used in the Parkland, Florida mass shooting was an AR-15, which is a modern and smaller version of the M-16. I can’t imagine why anyone needs to own such a weapon in the United States. You can’t hunt with assault rifles. They are not for concealment because you can’t put them in a handbag. And they inflict mass destruction if fired in public.


Assault rifle supporters say it’s all about their second amendment rights, although, I don’t remember the Founding Fathers mentioning the protection of  assault rifles in the Constitution. I don’t think they wanted citizens to be better armed than law enforcement officers and kill American citizens when they snap.


An 18-year-old American does not need to own an assault rifle. If the Russians come across the Ambassador Bridge from Canada, then I’m for arming everyone. But until that happens, let’s take a step back and focus on the issues that lead to these mass shootings. We must improve our focus on mental health and substance abuse issues, which aren’t solved by putting people in jail. All that does is put create better criminals who go out and get AR-15 assault rifles and shoot up schools and our communities.


What do we tell our kids who are walking out of classes this week because the government that swore to protect them doesn’t seem to be listening to them or protecting their lives? This generation of youth knows what they want and don’t want in life. They are our future and we need to listen to them. They are talking to us. This is the generation that will be taking care of me when I’m old and in a senior care home.


I suppose if you are a “Walking Dead” enthusiast and you want to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, than maybe I would see the necessity of buying a weapon of mass destruction.


Otherwise, this Marine is telling you that assault rifles, with the  exception of military and law enforcement members, should be banned.

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