These Dads Are Everything We Need To See In Our Communities

No, it’s not Fathers Day yet, but I thought I’d get a head start on celebrating a few amazing dads in our community.

When you think of amazing role models and loving fathers it just warms your heart to know that there are men who are actually doing the work that sometimes goes unnoticed by a larger audience. The part that warms my heart is that these dads generally have their families doing the work right along side of them. Some are acknowledged by the community as fathers to those outside of their homes.

Check them out!

Melvin Hobson:
A father of 3 beautiful girls, Melvin wears a medallion on his neck with their pictures. His young ladies have learned the value of giving back to their communities by distributing Meals on Wheels every holiday. These young ladies are pros at it and dad wouldn’t have it any other way. These are values every father should instill in their children. Big-Ups to you, Mel!

Anthony King:

Mr. King is no stranger to our community. He leads Detroit Area Dads PTA and advocates for quality education for all students. His children sit alongside him at PTA meetings, during food distributions and at collective impact meetings around the city of Detroit. It’s no wonder he made the cover of Education Detroit Magazine in 2016. Great Job, Dad!



       Shaun Maloy:

Founder of the AwwNaww network and lead organizer for Detroit Parent Network, he rocks and has a family backing that shows it. Shawn not only works in education but as Youth Leader at his church. A father of 6, the number of youth he impacts exceeds that. Thanks for all the laughs and the beautiful display of Black Love!


                                                              Mit Foley:

A Saginaw Principal who helped re-establish trust and redefine commitment to youth at his school, Mit rocks. He works hard alongside his families and staff to ensure his students are prepared for post-secondary education. Just as hard as he works, he dedicates time with his two sons who admires his drive. On and off the field he is a dad of dads; thanks, Mit, for all you do!



                         Antonio Heath:

A Master Barber/Entrepreneur, Tony Tonsilor has a following every father wants. His son, Tony Jr. is learning to master the art of the business right alongside his father. To see the look on his face as he teaches his son can only warm your heart. His vision is driven by legacy.
Charge forward, my friend!


                      Bomani Gray:                                                    

You may find a glimpse of him relaxing in front of the campfire or preparing a warm healthy meal for his village. Bomani inspires us all to be whole. Leader of The Detroit Fatherhood Initiative, he has profoundly impacted youth engagement. Ask the lil’ boy next door who frequents his porch to have an old school conversation about anything from politics to gardening. Great Job!


                Patrick Green Sr.

Daddy-daughter dances and football fields are filled with fathers likes him. Changing the narrative that dads don’t show up, Patrick is always there. He provides for and leads his family in a way that only true love can. Great Daddy Smile!


Jamon Jordan:           

History in the making, he makes sure everyone understands the history behind America. Jamon has been featured on the History Channel and DPTV but the greatest appearances has been in the lives of his children. Acknowledging that knowledge is power, Jamon’s children follow in his path to assure they too are lifelong learners. Ashe my Brother!



                 Carlos Atkins:


I dare not finish this post without acknowledging a new father to the world. Just two months in, he is rockin’ fatherhood like a pro. His words to his newborn son were “thank you for teaching me to be a better me.” He speaks to youth leaders about the needs of millennials in Detroit and volunteers feeding the homeless. Great job! Son, you impress me daily!


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