Guess Which School District is Ranked Dead Last on Test Scores. Again!

It is not surprising that Detroit Public School students scored last nationwide on the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) test. Until recently, the district has not had consistent or strong leadership. There was not a consistent superintendent or an empowered school to lead the struggling schools. These are the same schools that don’t have enough teachers, but have too many students in classrooms.

To learn more about DPSCD’s NAEP scores, read Erin Einhorn’s collaborative piece, “Detroit Is Ranked Worst on the National Exam. Again. Can Schools Improve?” for Bridge Magazine. It discusses all of the challenges that educators, students and parents face today.

I am hopeful. DPSCD’s superintendent, Dr. Vitti, is the former leader of Duval County schools that have shown some good improvement. He is working to bring a lot of his reforms from Florida to Detroit to improve more than test scores. The district also has a new school board. It will take time for them to fix a problem that was twenty years in the making. It won’t be fixed overnight.

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