School Threats Are Getting Out of Control!

It is bad enough that we have too many mass shootings at our schools these days. Now we have to deal with a large number of school threats after every mass shooting. I don’t think our Forefathers saw this coming when they formed our nation.


After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida, hundreds of bomb/gun threats popped up all over the country. This is when anonymous people post threats on social media that they plan to shoot people or blow up a school.


Recently in Detroit, there was a social media threat against Mumford and Henry Ford High Schools. Detroit is the home of Ford Motor Company and there are several schools named after the company’s founder Henry Ford all over southeast Michigan. To cover their bases, law enforcement alerted “all schools” known as Henry Ford.


This is where it gets personal. My daughter attends Henry Ford Academy in Dearborn. Like the other schools, teachers, parents and students were notified of the social media threat. A lockdown was not necessary, but campus security and Dearborn police were sent to the school to provide visible security.


It bothers me that my daughter had to go pass armed police officers and worry if there would be a shooting at their school. That is what Marines deal with everyday in Afghanistan. It seems today’s world will not allow our children to enjoy their innocence. Those days are over.


On top of all over money spent on mobilizing local, state and federal law enforcement to deal with multiple threats, parents must deal with their child being in a dangerous situation. Our children have to deal with worrying about their safety and whether the schoolmate next to them a threat.


Thankfully, there was not an issue at any of these  schools. But law enforcement had to provide extra security at more than twelve schools. Like me, the parents of all those children had to once again talk about the dangerous world we live in. Once again, I had to assure my “baby” that I would always be there for her and, with prayer and hard work the world will get better.


Then comes another Breaking News flash. A mass shooting at YouTube. Great!! How will this talk with her go?


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