Edtrust Midwest discusses School Safety and College Signing Day

By Amber Arellano, Exec. Director, Edtrust Midwest

School Safety Package Advances

A little over two months after the tragic shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the Michigan legislature is considering new bills intended to make public schools safer.

Based on the recommendations of the Safe Schools Commission, the five bill package requires an assessment of school climate information, the sharing of certain school safety information when a student transfers between schools or school districts, training for the event of an active shooter, a requirement for schools to plan and implement emergency response procedures for a variety of emergency situations, have a comprehensive school safety plan, and a requirement that schools employ at least one school counselor for every 450 students.

Additionally, the Michigan Senate has approved more than $18 million dollars into school safety initiatives for the current school year, while the House of Representatives has added about $25 million into the state budget for Fiscal Year 2019. Governor Snyder has also called for funding school safety programs.

2018 College Signing Day

Tomorrow, May 2, is the 2018 College Signing Day. This week, in high schools across the country and throughout Michigan, high school seniors pursuing 2- and 4- year degrees, professional training or the military will be celebrated for their commitment to higher education.

Follow along and join us in celebrating the #Classof2018 for #CollegeSigningDay. And congratulations to them!

Capital Update

The Senate Education Committee meets today at noon in Room 1300 of the Binsfeld Building. The agenda will include discussions of: Senate Bill 888 (Proos – R), House Bill 5093 (LaFave – R), and HB 5355 (Albert – R), regarding the public school employees retirement system.

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