Michigan Superintendent Brian Whiston Dies from Cancer.

Please read Lori Higgins’ article on the passing of Brian Whiston. He was not a hard person to work with to improve Michigan’s K-12 education. He continued to work diligently during his sickness and the death of his son a couple of years ago, and he will be missed.

State Superintendent Brian Whiston, Michigan’s top education leader, died Monday night after battling cancer for several months, the Michigan Department of Education announced Tuesday.

Whiston was only 56, but he left a legacy.

In Dearborn, where Whiston served as superintendent for seven years, current Superintendent Glenn Maleyko said Tuesday that Whiston was a mentor to him.

“But it was the times I was able to spend with him outside of work that I will always treasure and will miss,” Maleyko said in a release from the Dearborn district.

The release noted that programs and initiatives put in place while Whiston was superintendent “won awards, saved taxpayer dollars, and most importantly provided quality instruction to the students in the classroom.” The release also noted that Whiston will be remembered for his ability to build relationships, particularly with the unions that represented employees.

“His genuine kindness and friendly personality is what truly made him a popular figure in the district,” Maleyko said. “His actions were not for show, rather they always came from the heart.”

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