Silence In The Midsts Of Life And Death

We don’t know what else to say.
We don’t know how to say it.

Silence is everywhere, every time a school shooting happens. Why? Because people have said everything possible to get our government to move on stricter gun laws.

I’m not talking about that right to bear arms type of move. I am talking about save our children from more assaults in their schools.

I’m talking about that how many more have to die and is there not enough blood on your hands type of move.

Every time a door slams, or a locker, or a shadow in the hallways of schools slowly moves into view, our youth are afraid.


Exit plans don’t bring back lives that never made it out.


Every time someone comes to school behaving a bit out of the norm, youth are scared.
Some of them are even wondering who could it be at their schools? Which one of their classmates could choose to take the lives of their peers on any given day?

They’ve raised their voices and spoken that “we just want to live.”

Is it so hard for politicians, school administers and gun distributors to understand that lives are precious?

Education shouldn’t be scary

Trauma is an everyday occurrence now, with threats on the internet and social media stating “school shooter.”

Exit plans don’t bring back lives that never made it out.
Parents crying behind microphones haven’t changed laws despite their walking past bedrooms left the way their children left it that last morning.
Text messages sent while hiding in locked    classrooms and teachers who jumped in front of bullets to protect their pupils haven’t changed it.
Locked doors don’t change the fact that most school shooters planned their assaults with deadly weapons for months.

Access to guns, however, does change the outcome.

We have no solid answers, which is why we have been silent. Only tears for the youth who faced and will continue to face the barrel of their peers’ wrath until something to save them is done.

Until lawmakers realize that their devotion is supposed to be to the people and not fear of losing campaign dollars.

Well ,children don’t have time. Their time is being cut short.


Y’all are pathetic! Y’all meaning those who would take payoffs to not change laws that protect our youth. Y’all meaning those who say there’s no money in the budget to make schools safer. Y’all who say “changing laws take time.” Well ,children don’t have time. Their time is being cut short.

The end of this school year is near. Parents will watch their neighbors’ kids go to prom, come home from summer camps, and help their parent cut the lawn. They will watch in silence, not knowing what to say. Wondering how they could’ve changed anything so that their children would be alive today. All of this and nothing to date has changed.


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