My Son Gave Me the Strength to Quit Smoking

Please read the following story of my mother’s testimonial to the power of children. My brother, Derik Love (pictured at my mother’s right side) was very young when he affected positive change in my mother that has lasted over 40 years. She shares the following…….


By Mattalyn Love Jones

One day my youngest son and I were standing on the front porch and he was flexing his little chest and feeling good about himself. He said, “Mom, can you do this?” as he took a superhero stance, drew in a very deep breath and exhaled like one of his favorite superheroes. It was my turn. As I drew a very deep breath, I immediately expelled all the air from my lungs and experienced a fit of violent coughing and gagging.

My eyes watered and I struggled to compose myself. I noticed the horrified look on my son’s face as he rushed to me and threw his arms around my legs. He tearfully asked, “What’s the matter Momma?”  I responded, “Don’t worry sweetheart, Momma just needs to stop smoking.” A huge smile crossed his face. I vowed to myself that this would be my last day as a smoker.

Don’t be fooled by the subtleness of nicotine addiction. We convince ourselves that we can easily stop whenever we want; but that is far from the truth. @Edu_post @brian_love2 #MothersDay


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