To Be Young Black And Gifted: Black Males Shine Bright

I met this young man leaving the building where I work. Dapper and debonair his mere presence alone made me want to know more about him.
Just leaving an interview for a summer intern position, he not only captured my attention but stuck around and held a twenty minute conversation as he carried my belongings from the car back into the building.
Artistic and glowing with ambition I asked him to share his story on our blog.
Allow me to introduce Mr Hakeem Weatherspoon.
Remeber that name.
My name is Hakeem Weatherspoon and I go by Hakeem The People’s Poet. I am a native Detroiter born and raised on the east side of my city where the sun rises, and on the west, the sun sets.
For as long as I can remember I have always been an advocate for my community and the world around it.
I believe every soul serves a purpose in this life and with that purpose shows great responsibility! My responsibility is to serve God’s people. By doing so I realized that without unity and communication there is no community. Every since I was able to remember, all walks of life has been a great contribution to me becoming a student of this thing called life.
My life’s mission is to evolve the perception of life, continue inspiring others through words that represent diligence and ardent practice. In the mist of it all, I want to do so, while maintaining community involvement and faith and being the person I am literally gives me life especially, when I’m reciting my poetry.
Currently I attend Michigan State University as a senior, and plan to graduate with a degree in journalism and minor in integrated learning. With my degree, I want to reach the masses of people by spreading love and thoughts with my poetry book. If I could find a publisher now that would be great. Ive been writing for two years now, and I have approximately 600 plus poems written and I need outlets.
In Divine order through the Most High I know things will work out the right way! I want to do a lot through my poetry, one being starting my own literacy group for young children and two, a scholarship fund for entering college freshman!
I’m pretty much an open book just never picked up and read often. Thanks for the opportunity!
I’m Hakeem the People’s Poet and Rap is an acronym for Rhythm and Poetry.

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