SUPPORT: Bills to Increase Access to School Libraries

The Education Trust-Midwest is pleased to announce our support for three bills that will ensure that every student has access to school libraries and certified media specialists in Michigan.

“Michigan’s literacy crisis is well recognized, and addressing the needs of students requires many forms of support,” said Amber Arellano, executive director of The Education Trust-Midwest. “Ensuring that all Michigan students have access to school libraries, trained specialists and a wide range of resources to support student learning is good policy.”

The bills, House Bills 4392 (Camilleri – D), 4393 (Koleszar – D) and 4394 (Pagan – D) would:

  • Ensure that all public schools in Michigan maintain a school library to provide students, teachers and community members with resources to support student learning;
  • Make sure that students have access to a certified media specialist, who will be equipped to support literacy instruction, and integrate information, technology and research skills with the school’s curriculum; and
  • Maintain student access to school libraries with staff supervision, even when a certified media specialist is not available.

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SCHOOL LIBRARIES ROCK! We support school libraries. We support House Bills 4392-4394.

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