Our children deserve us to fight to the bitter end for their best interests.

The Detroit School Talk blog celebrates the spirit of Detroit students and their resilience. At the center of a city working hard to make a comeback are the city’s young people. They deserve a world class education, but the schools have been in deep trouble for years. It’s time to turn that around.

Yes, Detroit has endured years of broken promises, poor leadership, and failure unlike anywhere in the country. Yet our people remain strong and the children couldn’t be more deserving of a comeback.

That is the purpose of this blog: To raise the voice of students, parents, and educators who have not given up hope.

Come here for stories and news that spotlight the challenges and successes.

Meet the Team

Photo of Bernita Bradley

Bernita Bradley

Bernita Bradley is a mother of two, a 24-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter. She is a long-time advocate for Detroit parents and students. She served as AmeriCorps/AmeriCorps Vista for 2 terms. Her passion is ensuring that the whole child is catered to in every village and that parents have a voice in the ever changing education landscape of the city. She serves as community engagement manager for Enroll Detroit and Owner of The Village PCL.

In doing this work, she realized the need to speak from the heart as a parent who knows all to well the after effects of bullying, being pushed out, unstable schools and working with some of the best educators the city has seen.

Brian Love

Brian Love has been in professional politics for nearly 15 years. His focus began by conducting political campaigns on the local, state and federal levels in the state of Michigan. He has also managed and implemented community outreach operations for several legislators in the Michigan legislature.

After working for the Michigan Democratic Party as a political director and their base vote director during the 2004 presidential campaign, he began running constituent outreach programs for local campaigns for Michigan State Representatives and State Senators.

This experience led Brian to become Urban/ External Affairs Director for the Michigan House of Representatives in 2007. After completing this assignment in December 2010, he spent a year consulting and enjoying time with his family. In 2012, Brian became campaign manager for Congressman Gary Peters. After that victory, he became the Lobbyist/Outreach Director for StudentsFirst Michigan, a national education reform group and spent three and a half years lobbying and working in the community to empower teachers and parents.

His love for politics comes from the passion he learned from his great professors at Morehouse College as a Political Science major. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Lonita. He has a son, Jamario 18 and his daughter, Tori is 14.

To contact us with tips, news, or comments, please reach us at [email protected]

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