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Single Parent Households Are The Reason Schools Are Failing

Once again the blame is placed on those who suffer from systemic racism. “That is because, Kirsanow argues, the biggest challenge facing many students is not the funding of their schools but what he calls “the deleterious consequences of single parent families.” We have such a long way to go to get equality for all schools.

Black History Facts About Detroit Schools Educating Black Children

Detroit Black History: In 1842, the Detroit Board of Education which establishes Detroit Public Schools is founded. They do not allow Black children to attend any of the schools they establish. This will be the policy for 20 years. When they finally open a school for Black students in 1863, it is a “Colored School,” and it is inferior in…

Public vs. Charter: Should Parents Have A Choice?

The charter vs public school conversation is so skewed with myths, like charters take funds from public schools and public schools are condemned for failing children. This vainglorious battle between the two public education sectors has been replayed so many times and it’s getting old. The fact of the matter is that parents don’t care whether their children are in…

Edtrust Midwest Shares Thoughts on MLK Day and MI Revenue Estimates

  By Brian Gutman, Edtrust Midwest Revenue Estimates Show Need for Targeted Investments Officials from the State Treasurer’s office and the House and Senate fiscal agencies came together last week to update projections of state revenue. These numbers will be used to set spending levels for the state budget, which will be announced next month. The good news is that the…

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