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The Times They Are A-Changin

Youth have a voice! It’s evident everywhere you go! They are speaking out! Raising fists and flags and signs, shouting “Give Us” whatever it is we need! When I was a youth (at risk of sounding old), children were seen and not heard. I recall my seventh grade teacher Mr. Barnicowski had a huge paddle over his classroom door. Engraved…

Black History Facts About Detroit Schools Educating Black Children

Detroit Black History: In 1842, the Detroit Board of Education which establishes Detroit Public Schools is founded. They do not allow Black children to attend any of the schools they establish. This will be the policy for 20 years. When they finally open a school for Black students in 1863, it is a “Colored School,” and it is inferior in…

Low Income Families Suffer In the War Between Detroit Traditional Public And Charter Schools

The war against charter schools leaves unoccupied school building empty, school buildings that low-income families would love to have accessible in their neighborhoods, according to the Wall Street Journal. The article details just how far Detroit Public Schools Community District is willing to go to ensure that charter schools aren’t able to make more room for families. At Delta Prep,…

Detroit’s State Of The Schools: The Community Responds

We Asked And They Responded. What Did You Here And How Did It Impact You?

CoHosts Responded 

Community Leaders Responded

Advocates Responded

School Leaders Responded

Youth Leaders Responded

Researchers Responded


The Detroit State Of The Schools Address Can Be Viewed In Full at Chalkbeat Detroit

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This Dad Took A Trip To Lansing On A School Bus, Here’s Why

On Tuesday, October 17 2017, I had the opportunity to join members of 482Foward on a bus trip to Lansing to lobby for our educational system. Along with other parents, teachers, and former principals I had the chance to express concerns directly to certain representatives about the personal impact of school closures. I’m thankful to have found such an organized and…

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